Tofer Chin + Mari Orkenyi

Tofer is wearing the Relax Heavy Fleece Sweatshirt in Black. Mari is wearing the Relax Heavy Fleece Sweatshirt in Coconut.

We’ve been friends with Tofer and Mari for years and they really are such good people! They both have amazing vibes but even just looking at these pictures of them you can feel their warmth. Tofer Chin is a homegrown LA multidisciplinary artist who’s artwork has been featured all over the world. From large-scale murals, paintings and exhibitions in LA, NY, Miami, and Japan to outdoor public works, sculptures and installations in the hills of the Pacific coast of Nicaragua, beautiful parks in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo and even in United Terminal 7 at LAX...this dude gets around! His attention to detail, color palate and precision is beautiful and his scale is amazing.

Brazilian born Mari Orkenyi is certified in Contemplative Psychotherapy, she is also a Certified Mindfulness and Compassion Teacher, writer, breath and meditation leader…aka she knows what’s uppp! Hearing her voice instantly calms us down and her presence reminds us to take a deep breath, be aware and really live in each moment. We caught up with Tofer and Mari at the beginning of their latest adventure back to Brazil with their 5 year-old daughter Gala to check in and say what up!


Tofer - We hear you guys left LA for Brazil, what's that look like?

We came back to Brazil to visit Mari’s family, it’s been almost 2 years since my last visit. Obviously, it’s a different trip than usual because of the global climate. But we’re making the best of it quarantining at our family’s place by the beach - eating, resting and recharging. 


Mari - So you’re staying at your family’s beach house…How are the waves and what's for breakfast?

We are in Maresias on the coast of São Paulo. It’s a super chill and beautiful beach town and happens to be one of the best surf beaches in Brazil. For breakfast…I love the fruits here so much, so there's always a few involved. Brazilian Papaya, guava, fresh melon and coconut water… 


Mari - What's one thing we can do to stay relaxed?

I feel like staying relaxed might be a lot to ask for during these crazy times - what a roller coaster we are on! However, what we can cultivate is attention to what is going on in our minds and bodies. I believe that getting intimate with the breath is one step closer to switching that sort of grip, tight, stressful feeling state we carry throughout the day to a more open, curious, flowy state. Check in to see how you are breathing, how tight your belly is and your jaw, where is your mind. And then, realign, deep full slow inhales through the nose and exhales through the mouth (I like to blow out the air as if I'm blowing up a balloon), it helps us release and ground to reset, to take up more space, to stand a bit taller.


Can you share a simple breathing practice with us?

Of course! Click here.



Tofer - Any upcoming projects you’re excited about?

Yes! I’m looking forward to my next public installation end of January 2021 at Los Angeles International Airport in their new Terminal 1.5 and another public installation at the Michelle and Barack Obama Sports Complex in Crenshaw scheduled for install early Summer 2021.


Stay up with Tofer on insta @toferchin and to peep more of his work check out

Follow Mari on insta at @marianaorkenyi and for more on her mindful meditations head to



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